Help Using the Site

If you don't see your question answered below, please contact The Loop’s Community Manager to ask by calling (614) 240-7410 or by clicking here.

Username and Password

What is my username? 
Your username is the email address that the CMA has on file for you. If you need to change your email address, please send a message to the CMA Loop administrator by clicking here.

What is my password?
Your password has been provided to you by the CMA. If you do not remember your password, contact the site administrator by clicking here.

To change your password, go to "My Profile" and click on "Edit Contact Info in CMAloop Database". This will open in a new window and you can select "Change Password".

My Profile

How do I update my address information?
If there has been a change to your address or phone numbers, please contact the site administrator with your new information by clicking here or call the CMA office at (614) 240-7410.

How do I update my bio, education, hobbies and other personal information on my profile?
Go to "My Profile" and scroll down through the available choices and update your information accordingly. If you have difficulties, please contact the site administrator by clicking here.

What are "Networks?"
Networks group individuals who share the same specialty, hobbies or other criteria in their profiles. If you click on a particular network, you will see the individuals who are included in the network.

Connect with Other Practice Managers

How do I find other Practice Managers?
Click on "Directory." You will be able to search for your colleagues by basic information (name) or click on the "Advanced Search" tab for additional search criteria.

How do I make other Practice Managers my contacts?
Go to a colleagues' profile by either finding them in the directory or clicking their name-link that you've seen within The Loop. Click on "Add as Contact" to add the individual as a contact.

Why would I make a another person my contact (or accept a contact request)?
Contacts can be people you know, or simply people you're interested in networking with. Having contacts allows you to filter certain kinds of information so that it is only seen by the people you've selected. Making someone your contact also makes keeping track of him or her a little easier (you have a link to their page right in your profile).

Practice Manager Forum

How do I respond to or start a discussion post in the Practice Manager Forum? 

To respond, click "Reply to Discussion" to send your message to the entire community or "Reply to Sender" to only send your message to the sender. To start a discussion, click on the "Discussions" tab. Then click on "Post New Message".  Click here to watch brief instructional video on making and replying to a discussion in a community. 

How do I find a resource that has been uploaded in the community?
Click on the library tab in the community. The resource can be found by either entering terms in the search bar, or by browsing through the library of folders and their contents.

How do I upload a resource?
Click on the library tab in a community and click "Add Library Entry".